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"There are far, far better things ahead than

we leave behind"


How Can I Help You?


Couple + Family Disharmony

When problems enter a relationship or family construct it is easy for people to fall into cycles of blame that create further disharmony. Together, we will target those struggles that are threatening your relationships and understand how to get out of the blame cycle—and how to re-focus on your shared dreams as a couple or family.



Anxiety is a powerful force that can take hold of your life and leave you feeling out of control. Loss of control and the associated uncertainty can be terribly distressing. When anxiety becomes overwhelming, we will work together to discover ways to keep it from taking over. We will leverage your strengths and incorporate mindfulness techniques, thus diminishing the anxiety and returning control to you.


Substance Misuse

Substance misuse is a common phenomenon in our culture. Sometimes we use substances to cope with physical, emotional and psychological pain and discomfort. We also may feel substances enhance happiness and create a party—until the party becomes a problem. Whether you are currently struggling with addiction or addiction has been part of your journey, we will work together to understand what role substance plays or has played in your life, as well as identifying your preferred relationship recovery.


Career Counseling

AAMFT Certified

All too often, we end up in jobs without purpose that leave us feeling “stuck.” Many people find they don’t know how or why they ended up in their career and wonder if there could be more satisfaction in their professional life. Together, we will explore your values and what makes work meaningful to you. From here, we can strategize and develop a plan to get you “unstuck” and feeling more fulfilled and satisfied in your career.


LGTBQ+ Affirmative Therapy

AAMFT Certified 

I believe in creating a safe space for all clients to be exactly who they are, that every person and family should be held in the utmost regard.  As a clinician, it is my goal to demonstrate respect toward and acceptance of all people—both individuals and every family construct—as we work through your

unique concerns.


Pet Bereavement

Pet Loss Companioning Certified

I am an avid animal lover and understand the tremendous sorrow we experience when losing that special member of our family.  As a certified pet bereavement counselor, I will help you through your loss, while at the same time honoring the memory of your animal loved one.

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